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These are my musings of my life experiences.

Authentic conversations from my heart my space to be vulnerable and have honest conversations about my journey back to enoughness

Embracing light and dark.

  Recognizing Aversion.

This is me being vulnerable about my growth and learnings.  Have a read and feel free to share your own experience or share this post with those you feel called. 

When I first started my spiritual journey I was focused on raising my vibrational frequency, and as this progressed, my consciousness grew and I felt that my energy was ascending.  I have to admit I love this feeling, and I can stay here doing nothing for hours just floating away.  Although, there came a point where I noticed that this was impacting my ability to move forward and taking action and sharing my light in the way it is meant to be shared.


Forest Bathing Soothes Your Soul

Love wandering through green spaces and trails and allowing my senses to guide me.  For me time comes to a standstill, my inner chatter slows down and many times I get to reconnect with the sheer innocence that exists in each of us.  I giggle when I see a “fuzzy wuzzy “, I find myself starting to smile at the leaves and having a conversation with the plants and trees and hugging trees, I marvel at the sound of the birds and take in the beautiful music of their tweets, I lean over and pick up a rock that calls my attention, I run my fingers over moss and feel the cushiony sensations, and in this connected and present state, I feel safe and supported and I witness . . .


Walk as if you are Kissing the Earth

Yesterday I took an intentional pause in my day to soak in the beautiful sunshine, the sounds of the birds, leaves rustling and the glistening of the river in the sun♥️

After a magical walk on the trail I felt the call to slow down even further and connect with Mother Earth by walking barefeet and doing a mindful walking meditation ❤️

As I walked and gently stepped and connected with her soft moist soil, It truly felt like each step was an intimate exchange of ❤️ love and in those moments I was blessed with experiencing the interconnectedness with Mother Earth in . . .


Journey to Parent from Inner Peace

We know that children thrive when loved and accepted.  I strongly believe that it is incumbent on the parent to evolve, grow and live in a conscious and mindful state where they can be lovingly present, to really feel their child and bring attention to their child.   It is about creating a family, a safe place where we can each be "felt."
In this fast paced world, as a mom of 3 boys I recognize the daily challenge that shows up in every moment of getting things done, while truly allowing my kids to be felt, seen, heard and held.  I know that I am constantly learning to walk this fine line and what I have learned is that being a parent is one of the hardest jobs we have.


Leaving Guilt Behind

The learning to trust the universe has your back seemed to be the lesson we both gained and since then have been challenging ourselves to take steps that initially create tremendous discomfort and to move forward knowing that this is the pathway to growth and healing. 

Another learning that I reconnected and acknowledged is that as a caregiver, teacher, facilitator, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, the more I spend time connecting with myself and grow my consciousness the deeper I can serve all those I cross paths with!  The moments of guilt that used to show up when I left my children and partner to do things to fill my cup dissolved with this deep knowing I now feel in my core.


Finding Your Voice

Allowing my authentic voice to shine in a group setting was a journey for me.  It's been years in the making, as I became aware of, and set an intention to let go of the cultural imprints I carry, to let go of the ancestral imprints where women before me have numbed their voice, of imprints I carry when I was in my mother's womb, and programming I downloaded from 0-7 years of age.  Growing up I was the girl with the softest voice, the girl who watched the whole around her speak so seamlessly yet couldn't figure out why my her own voice was not showing up when she needed it.

I committed I was ready to break this pattern and I was ready for the world to hear me. I was ready to no longer fear what others would think of me when I spoke and embracing that I matter and my voice is needed!