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I'm feeling "Not Good Enough" and suffer from imposter syndrome.

I'm feeling stuck and unable to move forward in my life. I have lots of ideas but can't take action.

I'm feeling anxious, overwhelmed, worried and stressed. 

I'm feeling annoyed, irritated, frustrated and I find myself blaming and criticizing others.

Do you Relate?

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Know that You are Not Alone.

We know what its like.  We've worked at amazing top tier companies with "great corporate jobs" and despite that, felt unfulfilled, unsatisfied, stuck and unable to move forward.  We've come face-face with PTSD, Anger, Depression and Imposter Syndrome (among others).  On multiple occasions we teetered on the brink of divorce. 

For years we've been on a quest. Experimenting, exploring, searching for an answer . . . externally.  We've found it - within us.  We still have challenges and bumps in the road.  Now we approach them with calm, clarity and a growth mindset.

Our life is beyond what we imagined, filled with joy, love and prosperity - doing what we love and impacting the community! 

We are here for you.

We guide people just like you to: 

Live Your Dreams

Attract the right people and opportunities with the courage to act upon them.

Love more deeply

Create deep, meaningful relationships with those that matter most - starting with you!

Find Deep Fulfillment

Make a lasting impact on the world and spread hope and joy, while nurturing your passion.

Create Inner Peace

Cultivate calm and clarity as you find deep stillness and peace within.


Heartfelt words from our Members:

Kristyn A.

"I once described myself as an anxious person, often finding myself paralyzed by fear. The Kundalini Yoga is like the key to unlocking a more vibrant life than I ever imagined. I'm able to live a conscious, grateful life in the moment without fearing the future or regretting the past."

Our Membership program empowers you to live your life!

Tailored Guidance

 We've curated practices to amplify the areas you want to grow.   No more guesswork - our easy to follow schedules give you step by step guidance. Practice on your own time (as little as 5 min/day) with our video library.

Live Online Classes

 Join us every month for live classes. We gather virtually and practice together.  Then we open the floor to share experiences, ask questions, and gather feedback and comments.  Experience the power of group energy in a sacred container.

Deep Dive Journeys

 Once per quarter, join us on a multi-week workshop (~4 weeks) on intentionally selected topics.  Every week we meet to share teachings, reflect and answer questions - and potentially take part in a short practice :)

Thriving Community

 Join us in our engaging community. We share experiences, co-operate on friendly challenges and work together to support and nurture each other as we collectively move forward on our journeys. We keep it fun, safe and packed with learning!

Our Video Library includes Kundalini YogaGuided meditations, and Breathwork techniques.

Meet The Founders

Ummul Patrawala

Ummul helps women alchemize their traumas and life challenges through movement and meditation based practices such as Kundalini Yoga and a channeled, Mindfulness and Heartfulness Based Yin practice. 

Ummul is an intuitive healer, nurturer, mentor and alchemist who serves from her heart space, and creates create a safe and sacred container for Heartfelt Connections and Comm-Unity.   She infuses her own experience of going into the fire and emerging anew to help catalyze positive changes in the lives of those she serves, so they too can experience clarity, courage and calm. 


Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Certified Heartmath Mentor, MBCT Educator, Yin Yoga Practitioner, and Myofascial Release Practioner.

Mukarram Patrawala

Mukarram guides high-achieving early and mid-career professionals who are struggling with feeling "not good enough", restless and unsatisfied, and who lack clarity on what they are doing and why.  After working with him they have increased confidence, influence, clarity and calm. They are fuelled by their passion which drives fulfillment and ignites their curiosity.  

Mukarram loves exercising (Tabata), meditation and reading. He is a father to three lovely boys (15,13,5).  He enjoys taking walks in nature, gardening and playing board games as a family.

Certified Coach, Advanced Thetahealer, Advanced StarMagic Facilitator, Advanced Psych-K facilitator, #IamRemarkable Faciliator. 

Our Values


Conscious living is a fun, playful adventure.  Lets laugh, smile and be joyful.


"If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together."  African Proverb. Enough Said :)


Donating 10% of our profit, our time and resources to charitable organizations


Making Conscious Living affordable and accessible to everyone. 

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