Womb Alchemy, Healing Event

   Nestled in nature, on sacred land, held under the magical canopy of divine feminine healing tent Luna, prepare to tend to your wounds and reclaim the innate power and potential of your sacred womb space, steeped in ceremony, sacred rituals, energy medicine, guided journeys and more….




Say yes to play and rest and get ready to be nourished

Release & Reclaim

Mindful walk to the Credit River and a guided release ceremony at the river bank

Rest and Receive

Rest under the canopy of Luna while receiving group frequency healing and energy medicine

Elemental Healing

Have an embodied experience as you connect with the 4 elements externally (chanting, somatic movement and meditation, breathwork) and are then guided to a visualization connecting to the elements in the womb space

Reflect & Align

Be guided in reflection and journaling and an energetic clearing of a layer of shame imprints from your womb space.  You will leave with a ritual that you can keep coming back to restore the sacredness of your womb


Build resonance with other cycle breakers and leaders as you chant, move together, and share in a circle


This experience is one of alchemy whilst compassionately tending to our feminine wounds in a safe, intimate and sacred community container.


Through ceremony, ritual, energy medicine, chanting, breathwork, somatic movement, journaling, reflecting and sharing we will reclaim our sacred feminine ground, and as a community, we will embody and learn rituals that will support this sacred work in our everyday life.


Ummul-kiram’s nurturing, calming, healing presence and gentle energy, and her soothing voice are medicine that will create a bridge for your consciousness; she will lead you into an experience where you will be guided to embody rituals and visual journeys that deepen your connection with your sacred womb space while releasing old wounds relating to your femininity, that are held at a deep cellular level.


It is time we deepen our connection to our sacred womb/pelvic space and alchemize pain to power.  Our womb holds infinite power of creation energy and also many of the wounds and messages, as to what it means to be a woman in our family, culture, and country.  Together we will tap into the pain and the potential held in this sacred womb space, making way for the divine feminine energy to rise!

Time/DayOct 2nd, 1:30pm-5:00pm

Location: Streetsville, Mississauga, Ontario

(exact location will be provided after completion of purchase.)

"This has definitely impacted me as a mother. I have a beautiful, energetic and super intelligent 19-month-old daughter who keeps me on my toes most of the days. Now, during each day when we snuggle or I nurse her for example, I mindfully take the time to try and slow down my breathing and my parasympathetic nervous system, and become conscious of my physical and mental state, and really try to imbody ease, peace and love within myself, but also, to project into her energetic field and physical body.

Ummul is absolutely genuine, full of love to give, and oozing with passion. This work is definitely her calling, and she is perfectly suited for it. She is a wonderful woman to have a mentor, as she truly cares, and wants to see others flourish. She has years of experience and wisdom under her belt, and has lived a life that was not void of challenges, so she has a lot to offer. You literally cannot be around her and not feel happy, valued, loved and supported. She is obviously human, just like the rest of us, but she absolutely does her best to walk her talk, and brings ease and peace wherever she goes."


Kristen T. 

"Sometimes the universe knows exactly what you need.  

I've been of since covid. Frustrated with how I mothered, with how I felt emotionally and physically. I knew I needed ton change and take action, but I didn't know how.

A few weeks ago Ummulkiram Patrawala (who I've known since university) called me about an event she was planning, 

She went on to explain her "Fall back in love with yourself" retreat.

Immediately I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. I just didn't know what it looked like. But this was it.


We spent the day doing fire circle,yin yoga, visualization journaling, kundalini yoga and using rose water for enegery medicine. It was enlightening, uplifting, emotional, and eye-opening. I walked away feeling lighter open.

Perfectly lined up with Yom Kippur tonight. It was a way to get in touch with my heart and soul. To let go of the bad and just be present in the now.


Womb Alchemy, Healing Event




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