Welcome! I'm Ummul-Kiram

Creator of the Heart Healing from Trauma Method™

Trauma is “frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved and discharged; this residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and spirits,” causing long-term and sometimes alarming symptoms, like anxiety, persistent pain, inflammation and/or insomnia - Peter Levine


Welcome! I'm Ummul-Kiram

Trauma is “frozen residue of energy that has not been resolved and discharged; this residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and spirits,” causing long-term and sometimes alarming symptoms, like anxiety, persistent pain, inflammation and/or insomnia - Peter Levine

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We all suffer from Trauma.

Know that you are not alone!  We all carry trauma, either through our epigenetics or when navigating through life transitions - birth, postpartum, fertility challenges, career transitions, loss of loved ones, loss of health.  When trauma is unresolved these imprints can manifest as incessant self-judgement, persistent pain, pelvic health issues, inflammation, anxiety, digestive disorders and/or sleep issues. 

Self Judgement

Do you get consumed by feelings of inadequacy when you fail at something that is important to you? Are you disapproving and judgmental about your own flaws and inadequacies? Are you impatient or intolerant towards aspects of your personality that you don’t like?

Physical Pain

Do you notice lingering tightness in your body? Do you sometimes feel like your body has failed you? Do you suffer from ongoing pain in your lower back/neck/shoulders/jaw? 

Anxiety and Stress

Do you notice that you are easily distracted? Is your mind constantly racing? Do you feel you are always on the go and busy? Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed and worried? Do you notice your breath is shallow and restricted? Do you find yourself ruminating about past or future events or experiences? 

I am here to nurture and mentor you.

My name is Ummul-Kiram.  The name Ummulkiram means a mothering spirit, and I'm here to hold space and guide you to heal your trauma and free yourself from pain. 

Blair D.

"Ummul has such a gift of enabling growth through making you feel safe to share, allowing us to see she is right there with us throughout the process, keeping us accountable to our practice and sharing her wisdom of so many different tools. Her passion is evident in how she lives and shares."


You will experience:



Truly connect with the present moment and the richness of all that it has to offer and feel a deep sense of calm at all levels of your being.


Experience spaciousness and tap into a space in your being where you activate your own healing system.


Embody self compassion so you can give yourself permission to feel with a level of kindness all parts of yourself.  


Build resilience so that you not only have the ability to recover from a challenging situation but also have the ability to prepare for and adapt to a challenging situation.

Lea D.

"I think everyone can benefit from Ummul's amazing talents and skills - you will be surprised how effective and powerful her skills are to support those on their own healing journey. She does such a great job of empathizing and supporting her clients throughout all the ups and downs of their own recovery."


Heart Healing from Trauma Method™

This method is a lived experience of Ummulkiram’s journey of resilience, using various mind-body-heart based practices. She has adapted them and used them to recover from several traumatic life experiences and now uses the same tools and techniques to proactively navigate uncertainty and challenge. Trauma is an experience shared by all, where challenging life situation(s) take away our ability to truly be present to what life has to offer. The Heart Healing From Trauma Method™ is an evolutionary progression of various tools, techniques and skills that are backed by scientific research and have not only empowered Ummulkiram to heal, but also hundreds of women who she has supported in her various classes. This method is based on the scientific understanding of the nervous system, body awareness, neuroscience of pain, neuroplasticity of the brain, holistic pelvic health, and the science of heart coherence. These scientific tools combined, with her intuitive abilities and her understanding of how trauma is held not just physically but also energetically, balances the strength of the Heart Healing from Trauma Method™.

Based on Four Pillars



These practices empower you to use your breath as a gateway to shift and regulate your nervous system, which in turn impacts your hormonal system, so the body can come into balance

HeartMath Resilience Tools

The HeartMath tools can be used on the go, eyes, open, to shift your physiology from depletion to renewal.  They create coherence, which is a state of low across your mental, emotional and physical body and systems.  These changes are measurable using a biofeeedback tool.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness based tools empower you to change your relationship with your mind and your thoughts.   You create new neural pathways that empower you to shift from being on automatic pilot to being more present.  This empowers you to be less reactive to your various life experiences and increases your ability to regulate yourself.

Somatic Practices

Conscious movement with a focus on internal awareness.  


Kristen T.

"Ummul is absolutely genuine, full of love to give, and oozing with passion. This work is definitely her calling, and she is perfectly suited for it. She is a wonderful woman to have a mentor, as she truly cares, and wants to see others flourish. She has years of experience and wisdom under her belt, and has lived a life that was not void of challenges, so she has a lot to offer. You literally cannot be around her and not feel happy, valued, loved and supported."

Celine Z.

"Ummul’s practice is very compassionate and powerful. I love her way of teaching as her pure intent of servicing is very well thought out and intentional. She is a person who opens up a space to exchange and have a new way of connecting with other people. The practices assisted me in opening up my heart to myself and others to realize my personal power."

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