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"Let me start with something controversial - I didn't like my first kundalini session. It was challenging, uncomfortable, and foreign, not something similar to the yoga practices or meditations I had done before. 
But after the second or third session, it clicked. Through the challenge I found inner strength. Through repetition and understanding of the practice I found my meditative state, now falling into this state within minutes of beginning the practice. 
I once described myself as an anxious person, often finding myself paralyzed by fear. 1-1 coaching with Mukarram and Kundalini yoga have been like the keys to unlocking a more vibrant life than I could have ever imagined. I'm able to live a conscious, grateful life in the moment without fearing the future or regretting the past.
I still have ups and downs, but I no longer feel controlled by them. I honor the present, whatever the present looks like, and know that everything is working for my greater good."  

Kristyn A.

The Guided experiences especially transforming fear and anxiety, help me center and ground myself during times when I feel overwhelmed and can't seem to take anymore on. I come out of a session feeling refreshed and centered able to take on whatever is in front of me."
"I very much appreciate the thoughtfulness and care that has gone into  all of the meditations that they offer. The programs approach allows you to focus on what you feel is right for you in the moment.  I find the experience of the community intuitive and easy to pop on anytime I need a re-centering.  My private coaching sessions on meditation and healing are something that I now carry with me in every situation."

Vanessa V.

"This has been a great journey for me! As an individual, I've experienced a great expansion of my mind and self, giving me the opportunity to unlock the most abundant source of goodness, empathy, compassion, and equanimity.
I feel calmer, I navigate life in a way that is not only more vibrant and intense but most importantly rooted in self-awareness presenting me with choices.  
I am experiencing a deep sense of "oneness" and connection to the universe and everything within it. As a member of the community, I feel great joy when I come together with others that are feeling the same way but also I very vividly feel when our collective energy is focused on a specific intention.
It is one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced in my life.  I feel very blessed."

Sorel F.

"Within a week of joining this community, it became clear to me which patterns of behavior were holding me back from living a truly fulfilling life.
These practices have inspired and supported me on a journey to free myself from a particularly limiting pattern of using alcohol as a coping mechanism. I am eternally grateful to Mukarram, Ummul, and this entire community."

Brittney M.

"In this sometimes stressful and unpredictable world, Ummul's Kundalini practice has had a significant impact on my physical, emotional and spiritual well being!  
I was new to Kundalini yoga and unaware of what to expect.  The effects of my practice have been powerful and helped shift me into a more peaceful place internally and as a result have positively affected those around me as well. 
Not only has my personal life benefited, but so has my career.  I continue to build on my practice weekly and it has become the thing I look forward to the most in my week!"

Star T.

"2019 was a tough year for me and my family. I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease. It left me in bed and impacted my ability to walk, talk, and breathe. The recovery period was a few months to a year. As a mother of two young boys and only 39 at the time this turned our world upside down. 
I was going through stress, anxiety and the not knowing was driving me crazy. I turned to energy healing to help me while laying in the hospital bed. Mukarram was kind enough to come and see me there. Energy healing helped me find the calm, the peace and silence my mind. It changed my outlook, my thoughts and gave me a lot of clarity. Believe it or not this expedited my recovery and ever since then I regularly go for energy healing either one on one or in a group setting.
You have nothing to lose but  only to gain. Thank you for your guidance and help Mukarram."

Ramla R.

"Ummul’s practice of Kundalini Yoga is very compassionate and powerful. I love her way of teaching as her pure intent of servicing through the Kriyas and breathwork is very well thought out and intentional. She is a person who opens up a space to exchange and have a new way of connecting with other people through the sessions.
When starting Kundalini, I personally was more fond of my Kundalini as a intimate practice for myself. Through her style, working through a community and always making this space available, I recognize the powerful energy a wide community can bring to one’s development, drive and collective growth.
It is about connecting your mind with your heart and living fully through your own intentions.
The practices assisted me in a opening up my heart to myself and others to realize my personal power and strengthen the connection with my own inner energy. Through  the course I feel I could really leverage the space created to really connect with my goals, intentions and power."

Celine Z.

"I am really thankful for my Heal Your World Kundalini membership! Before starting I was looking for a practice full of connection and grounding. Once I started I realized how much I needed this in my life.
Every time I am done I feel so much lighter and internally connected. The flow is beautiful and the instruction is easy to follow. Ummul’s beautiful voice leads me through a journey that allows me to switch off my monkey brain with the focus on breath work and movement.
I highly recommend Heal Your World Kundalini to anyone looking to begin a practice that combines the mind, body and soul in a profound way."  

Selma S.

"The container of compassion, support, love, gentleness and yet oh so powerful space Ummul holds is remarkable! 
I’m so grateful to have been introduced to Kundalini yoga by such a beautiful soul. It is the icing on the cake, bringing me to another level of clarity and connection with myself in anchoring more divine wisdom."  

Lindsay P.

"I've been looking for a kundalini yoga practice for several years now where I feel save and part of a community - I found it finally with Ummul & Mukarram's practice even being a fully web-based member! I can't recommend their membership enough! It's designed in a very flexible way and integrates practices, kriyas, meditation, and breath exercise. You can make them immediately part of your daily life.
What I particularly appreciate is that each practice comes with a clear description and explanation what it is meant to support. I'm always amazed how immediate the impact after the kundalini practice and meditation is for me - I often feel immediately more connected, in balance and my body feels so complete. The thoughtfulness and intention that both Ummul and Mukarram built  into this program and the different exercises make it one of its kind! Thank you for this opportunity!"

Michele Z.

"This has definitely impacted me as a mother. I have a beautiful, energetic and super intelligent 19-month-old daughter who keeps me on my toes most of the days. Now, during each day when we snuggle or I nurse her for example, I mindfully take the time to try and slow down my breathing and my parasympathetic nervous system, and become conscious of my physical and mental state, and really try to imbody ease, peace and love within myself, but also, to project into her energetic field and physical body.
Ummul is absolutely genuine, full of love to give, and oozing with passion. This work is definitely her calling, and she is perfectly suited for it. She is a wonderful woman to have a mentor, as she truly cares, and wants to see others flourish. She has years of experience and wisdom under her belt, and has lived a life that was not void of challenges, so she has a lot to offer. You literally cannot be around her and not feel happy, valued, loved and supported. She is obviously human, just like the rest of us, but she absolutely does her best to walk her talk, and brings ease and peace wherever she goes. "

Kristen T. 

"I've always been hesitant to fully practice meditation and yoga on a consistent basis. I would hear about the benefits of breathwork from friends, family and coworkers but I never incorporated it into my daily routine.
After learning about Heal Your World, I felt like I finally had the guidance to make my wellness a priority. The practice plans make it easy to get started on day one. My first session with Mukarram and Ummul was incredible, the practice was challenging, relaxing, and rewarding. After incorporating their practice in my daily routine, I felt less anxious and a sense of calmness all around. Thank you!"

Sitara S.

" I can speak for the people out there who don't know much about Kundalini (or meditation in general). As someone who never felt like I had the tools to combat my high stress and anxiety, I feel like I've finally found my perfect 'medicine' for my overall mental and physical wellness. 
Ummul and Mukarram have helped open my eyes to the power of self-healing through their beautiful practice. Each of their sessions are designed to help address whatever challenges, moods I'm feeling (or not feeling), making it totally fool-proof for any novice to incorporate these healings into their daily lives. 
I'm so excited about the positive transformation I see in myself everyday and grateful to have found Heal Your World."

Laura L.

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