Resistance has Power

Have you ever felt resistance in doing things that you know help you grow and transform? Have you noticed the resistance that can show up when you are taking steps to eat healthier, to add more movement, to meditate, to go for walks,to go to bed earlier?

Know that you are not alone, and know that we all experience resistance, especially when we are cultivating new habits and practices.

Do you know that this resistance you feel is real, and with the help of science we can understand that our body is addicted to the chemicals that are associated with old behaviours and habits?

Here is the approach I use to alchemize the resistance I feel into power. When I notice resistance, I reframe that and say to myself “ yes…its’ working”. For me resistance experienced when cultivating a new habit = it’s working. I am then able to tap into the energy of resistance and use that instead to motivate myself to move forward with my practices.

Does it always work? Not always, I am still installing this new program into my subconscious. Although, most of the days this reframing allows me to move forward and keep up with my practices and unlearn old habits and patterns. There is power in resistance, and if we give ourselves permission to lean into it, we can convert the enormous amount of energy that is trapped in this experience and utilize it, to mobilize, and motivate ourselves to move forward. So I invite you to curiously and with compassion sit with the resistance you may be experiencing and celebrate that instead of beating yourself up, or judging yourself, or shaming yourself. Acknowledge that the process of creating change, starts with unlearning of old patterns and then learning new patterns, and that unlearning will bring about resistance and discomfort.

Check- into your heart and ask yourself, where am I feeling resistance today? Witness it, lean into it. Receive the message that “resistance brings.

Tap into its energy and alchemize it into supporting you to create new habits. Know that the resistance you feel is felt by all who are on this journey of growth and living life with greater awareness, living life consciously.