“Difficult things dont have to break us, But they can break us open.” Hala Khouri 


As I recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of my angel daughter, I find myself connecting with my heart and reflecting on the above quote as I acknowledge the trauma that I experienced and the growth that followed once I empowered myself. 
The loss of my daughter and the beautiful souls that followed broke my heart open in a million pieces.  For many years, I lived in a state where I felt like my external world was spinning out of control. 
My saving grace was my heart that drew me to adaptive practices such as meditation, Kundalini yoga, Mindfulness based self awareness that grounded me. These practices empowered me to move forward through the chaos with a little less reactivity and showed me that I had the ability to learn and regulate my inner state even though I had no control over what was happening externally. 
It is through these difficult experiences that I started reconnecting to my heart and set the intention to live from my heart. 
As I write this my heart sends blessings and prayers to all who feel that their world is spiraling out of control. Please know that you are not alone, and that I would be more than happy to connect and chat with you.  If you need help figuring out what adaptive practices can support you , know that I am here and we can chat.  Sending much ease and grace .