Activate Heart Intelligence on the Go


This practice developed by the Institute of HeartMath allows you to access “coherence” on the go, as life happens, eyes open!

With practice you can access this technique in just 3-4 breath cycles. Key is to use this frequently so that you start training your nervous system to recognize coherence as your go to state and to habituate new neural patterns. Even 4-5 breath cycles with eyes open will support you in shifting into a more responsive state versus reacting to your stressors.

As you get familiar with this tool, keep asking yourself what is it th at I would like to feel in this moment? What feeling would support me right now, then draw upon that feeling using the Technique shared. 

How we feel impacts our thoughts/ perceptions, the lens we see life from, and this in turn impacts the actions/behaviours we choose. 

We are truly the creators of our reality and by getting intentional and focusing on how you want to feel and shifting into that state you will create an empowered reality

If you have any questions, or would like to go deeper in the science and technology of HeartMath then DM me.