Leaving Guilt Behind


As part of my own personal growth and yearning I am grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Omega Institute and attend “The Field of Abundance” with my partner Mukarram Patrawala❤️

Last year, Mukarram and I embarked on an unplanned adventure as part of answering the yearning that both of us deeply felt in our souls.  It was a lesson in honouring our inner voice even though logically all odds seemed to not initially favour this trip. We booked tickets to fly to Chennai, India to attend the Ekam Enlightenment Festival early December.  With 3 boys and our youngest being 4 it was definitely a leap of faith that gave us the courage to answer the call.  

My in-laws who usually would be our back up for driving my youngest to school and back were also away and my mom who is the nurturer for the boys staying with them was also scheduled to travel.

Before we could even think of who would be watching our boys in our absence, the universe aligned all the support (grateful to my Mom rearranging her travels , Kulsoom J,  Mireille Stettler, and Lorri Doula) and we were on our way! The transformation and deep spiritual connection that  Mukarram Patrawala and I experienced to each other on this journey has allowed  our relationship to blossom and grow in a whole new way.  

The learning to trust the universe has your back seemed to be the lesson we both gained and since then have been challenging ourselves to take steps that initially create tremendous discomfort and to move forward knowing that this is the pathway to growth and healing. 

Another learning that I reconnected and acknowledged is that as a caregiver, teacher, facilitator, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, the more I spend time connecting with myself and grow my consciousness the deeper I can serve all those I cross paths with!  The moments of guilt that used to show up when I left my children and partner to do things to fill my cup dissolved with this deep knowing I now feel in my core.

What areas in your life do you feel a deep yearning and are ready to take the next step? What might happen if you answer that call and take that step? How might that impact how you show up every day and your relationships?  It’s time we answer the call!