Walk as if you are Kissing the Earth.

Yesterday I took an intentional pause in my day to soak in the beautiful sunshine, the sounds of the birds, leaves rustling and the glistening of the river in the sun♥️

After a magical walk on the trail I felt the call to slow down even further and connect with Mother Earth by walking barefeet and doing a mindful walking meditation ❤️

As I walked and gently stepped and connected with her soft moist soil, It truly felt like each step was an intimate exchange of ❤️ love and in those moments I was blessed with experiencing the interconnectedness with Mother Earth in an every fibre of my being, my heart was overflowing with gratitude and a knowing ♥️and a deep silence embraced me as I felt humbled and energized ♥️

So grateful for this beautiful gift of connection that is available to each of us every time we choose to be present and slow down ♥️ 

There is so much beauty in every moment as soon as we bring our inner state to that of presence♥️