Forest Bathing Soothes My Soul.

Love wandering through green spaces and trails and allowing my senses to guide me. 

For me time comes to a standstill, my inner chatter slows down and many times I get to reconnect with the sheer innocence that exists in each of us. 

I giggle when I see a “fuzzy wuzzy “, I find myself starting to smile at the leaves and having a conversation with the plants and trees and hugging trees, I marvel at the sound of the birds and take in the beautiful music of their tweets, I lean over and pick up a rock that calls my attention, I run my fingers over moss and feel the cushiony sensations, and in this connected and present state, I feel safe and supported and I witness the masks of shyness or judgement melting and I am able to connect with strangers that pass by, I feel safe looking in their eyes and letting them know I see, sense, feel them and as I wander back home I have a new perspective on many challenges that may have surfaced over the day and can now see them with sheer clarity and immense peacehaaaah( deep exhale)

So grateful

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all that is happening in your life, or simply need to feel safe and supported then give yourself permission to wander through trails and allow the healing of nature to support you xoxo