Finding My Voice


My cup is so full and my heart is filled with tremendous gratitude for the privilege to hold and create sacred space and commune with 27 sisters at Awaken the Elements Retreat while allowing my authentic voice to be heard, seen and felt.  I allowed myself to thrive in a place of vulnerability and in doing so I was rewarded with heartfelt connections with all the beautiful sisters, with words or by sheer presence.

Allowing my authentic voice to shine through in a group setting has been a journey for me.  It has been years in the making, as I became aware of, and set an intention to let go of the cultural imprints I carry, to let go of the ancestral imprints I carry where women before me have numbed their voice, of imprints I carry when I was in my mother's womb, and programming I downloaded from 0-7 years of age.  Growing up I was the girl with the softest voice, the girl who watched the whole around her speak so seamlessly yet couldn't figure out why my her own voice was not showing up when she needed it.

In the past few years, I committed that I was ready to break this pattern and I was ready for the world to hear me and I was ready to no longer fear what others would think of me when I spoke and embracing that I matter and my voice is needed!

For me this has meant committing to practices such as Kundalini Yoga where I found the freedom to release my vibration into the universe through the chanting of sacred mantras.  By leading other women in the same practice and being vulnerable and belting out the mantras and leaning into this huge discomfort and encouraging other women to do the same has been so liberating.

I receive constant daily guidance and support from Mukarram Patrawala my life partner, who also has mentored me and challenged me to sit with the inner truth of what holds me back and what would happen if I give myself permission to break free of these self imposed limits.  I am always humbled at how the universe paired me up with someone who has always owned his voice and supports and coaches others in doing the same.

I invite you to take a moment to pause and reflect on whether you yourself can relate to aspects of my story.   Have you noticed repeating patterns whereby you end up playing small? Where you feel choked up when allowing your authentic self to be heard, in relationships, at work, in gatherings?

Know that we are able to break free of these limiting patterns we carry.  Know that the world needs each of us to be heard and your voice matters.  

I am ready to allow and I thank you for reading my post and being part of me celebrating my journey of Finding my Voice. Sat Nam! xoxo