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Our Mission

We're on a quest to usher in a conscious way of living.  Cultivating habits to live consciously connects you deeper into your true essence from which joy, compassion and kindness flow eternal.  In this state we awaken to a state of interconnectedness and profoundly impact everyone around us, creating Nirvana - Heaven on Earth.

This is a movement to fundamentally anchor a new human consciousness on this planet. One that respects all life as well as the planet itself.  Join us on our journey to 100,000 members who will be the pillars in creating this new consciousness.  This is a collective community effort and we'd love to have you join our community :)

Our Philosophy

We believe living consciously is about living playfully and with curiosity as we journey inwards.  We cultivate habits while being compassionate to ourselves. Where we lovingly reflect on our experiences, where we lean into our discomforts, and we befriend ourselves. 

We believe in approaching the practices to live consciously with the knowing that this is a marathon - not a sprint - where our daily practices give us the stamina to keep up.  Where the experience of the journey is equally as important as the destination.  And this journey gets sweeter when we are in this together, exploring, laughing and growing.  

Meet The Founders

Ummul-Kiram Patrawala

Ummul helps women alchemize their traumas and life challenges through movement and meditation based practices such as Kundalini Yoga and a channeled, Mindfulness and Heartfulness Based Yin practice. 

Ummul is an intuitive healer, nurturer, mentor and alchemist who serves from her heart space, and creates create a safe and sacred container for Heartfelt Connections and Comm-Unity.   She infuses her own experience of going into the fire and emerging anew to help catalyze positive changes in the lives of those she serves, so they too can experience clarity, courage and calm. 

Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Certified Heartmath Mentor, MBCT Educator, Yin Yoga Practitioner, and Myofascial Release Practioner. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Marketing Specialization.

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Mukarram Patrawala

Mukarram guides high-achieving early and mid-career professionals who are struggling with feeling "not good enough", restless and unsatisfied, and who lack clarity on what they are doing and why.  After working with him they have increased confidence, influence, clarity and calm. They are fuelled by their passion which drives fulfillment and ignites their curiosity.  He has worked with 100's of individuals from Senior Leaders to Individual contributors, across industries and job funstions.

Mukarram loves exercising (Tabata), meditation and reading. He is a father to three lovely boys (15,13,5).  He enjoys taking walks in nature, gardening and playing board games as a family.

Certified Coach, Advanced Thetahealer, Advanced StarMagic Facilitator, Advanced Psych-K facilitator, #IamRemarkable Faciliator. He Holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering.

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Our Values


Conscious living is a fun, playful adventure.  Lets laugh, smile and be joyful.


"If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together."  African Proverb. Enough Said :)


Donating 10% of our profit, our time and resources to charitable organizations


Making Conscious Living affordable and accessible to everyone. 

We proudly donate 10% of profit to charitable organizations.

Michele Z.

"I'm always amazed how immediate the impact after the kundalini practice and meditation is for me - I often feel immediately more connected, in balance and my body feels so complete. The thoughtfulness and intention that both Ummul and Mukarram built  into this program and the different exercises make it one of its kind! Thank you for this opportunity!"

Ramla R.

"The practices helped me find the calm, the peace and silence my mind. It changed my outlook, my thoughts and gives me a lot of clarity. It expedited my recovery from a rare autoimmune disease. "

Kristen T.

"Ummul is absolutely genuine, full of love to give, and oozing with passion. You literally cannot be around her and not feel happy, valued, loved and supported. It inspired me - I have been working on a new and exciting business idea since starting"

We're so Happy you decided to get to know us :) 

We'd love to get to know you also ;)

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Laura L.

"I feel like I've finally found my perfect 'medicine' for my overall mental and physical wellness.  I'm so excited about the positive transformation I see in myself everyday and grateful to have found Heal Your World. "

Celine Z.

"The practices assisted me in opening up my heart to myself and others to realize my personal power and strengthen the connection with my own inner energy. I feel I could leverage the space created to really connect with my goals, intentions and power."