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Women's Heart Healing Retreat

Heart Centered Living.

Made Simple.


Satisfy your yearning for greater clarity and purpose in your life by practicing Kundalini Yoga for as little as 5 minutes per day - on your schedule. 


This Heart Centered Membership is right for you if:

  • You are a feeler, an intuitive, who often finds themselves feeling drained by other peoples energies and taking on their suffering and emotions


  • You feel alone even when you're among friends and family because you've outgrown them and they don't "get" the "real" you
  • You're so busy between work, family and societal obligations - you feel there's no time for self care or self love
  • You find yourself over-giving and over-doing, constantly running at a support-deficit.


  • Your heart is calling you to embody your divine essence but you're confused because you don't know what that means or what to do 


  • You feel a burning desire to express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference, but you don't know what that looks like or where to start

Tune into your heart and navigate each day with greater clarity, purpose and fulfillment.


It's Simple with:    

Short, Doable and Transformative Practices

Carefully curated Kundalini Yoga recordings.  Each has detailed instructions and demonstrations allowing you to practice easily and effortlessly. Available on our Mobile App as well ;)

Easy to create consistency with 8 practices shorter than 5 minutes and 14 practices shorter than 10 minutes.

Themed Practices to Cultivate Heart Wisdom

Practices are organized into themes such as Building Self Love and Self Confidence, Cultivating Inner Peace, Attracting Prosperity, Cultivate Fearlessness and Courage (Heart of the Warrior), Building Stress Resilience and Taking Inspired Action. Each practice has detailed, guided instructions and demonstrations.

Know exactly what to do, why you are doing it and how to do it, without any guessing.

Guided Self Exploration and Discovery

Weekly Reflection prompts chosen to align with current astrological events and monthly themes.   We'll share our musings each week to spark dialogue, introspection and deepen connection with Spirit.

Cultivate deeper inner awareness as you journal, reflect and come into resonance with your true essence.

Community and Connection

Find Your Tribe on our members-only WhatsApp community to share, inspire, motivate and celebrate each other in a safe and guided container.

Connect with like minded souls on a common spiritual journey and find answers to your most burning questions.

Accountability and Consistency

Your Spiritual journey is a marathon, not a sprint. We're here to help you stay on track for the long run.

Fun challenges, contests and events to keep you engaged and on track.

Compassionate, Heart Centered Guidance 

Certified, Trained and Experienced guides. We're here to support, nourish and guide you on your spiritual journey. We're always available to answer questions as they arise.

Receive a 45 minute 1:1 coaching and activation session where we create a personalized practice plan for you. 


We know what its like to feel there is more to life.  To have a yearning for something deeper and greater but not knowing what that looks like or how to get it. 


We'll guide you, just as we've guided hundreds of people to connect to their hearts wisdom to find greater meaning, purpose and clarity in their life.

Sorel F.

"I've experienced a great expansion of my mind and self, giving me the opportunity to unlock the most abundant source of goodness, empathy, compassion, and equanimity. I feel calmer, I navigate life in a way that is more vibrant, intense and most importantly rooted in self-awareness, presenting me with choices."

Kristyn A. 

"I once described myself as an anxious person, often finding myself paralyzed by fear. Kundalini Yoga is like the key to unlocking a more vibrant life than I ever imagined. I'm able to live a conscious, grateful life in the moment without fearing the future or regretting the past."

Star T.

"In this stressful & unpredictable world, the Kundalini practice has had a significant impact on my physical, emotional and spiritual well being. The effects have been powerful and helped shift me into a more peaceful place internally and positively affected those around me.  Both my personal life and career have benefitted. "

Selma F.

"Every time I am done I feel so much lighter and internally connected. The flow is beautiful and the instruction is easy to follow. Ummul’s beautiful voice leads me through a journey that allows me to switch off my monkey brain with the focus on breath work and movement." 

Michele Z. 

"I'm always amazed how immediate the impact after the kundalini practice and meditation is for me - I often feel immediately more connected, in balance and my body feels so complete. The thoughtfulness and intention that both Ummul and Mukarram built  into this program and the different exercises make it one of its kind! Thank you for this opportunity!"

Laura L.

"I can speak for the people out there who don't know much about Kundalini (or meditation in general). I feel like I've finally found my perfect 'medicine' for my overall mental and physical wellness.  I'm so excited about the positive transformation I see in myself everyday and grateful to have found Heal Your World. "


Listen to Your Heart and Remember the Divine Being You are.

Sign Up 

It's easy and quick and comes with a 100% Satisfaction 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Schedule Your 1:1 Activation Session

You receive a Free 45 minute 1:1 session to clarify your intentions, and put together a tailored plan for you.

You Live Each Day with Greater Clarity and Purpose

Daily, Consistent practice for as little as 5 minutes/day and you feel yourself expand and grow.


Here's a few practices you'll access:

Break Free from Self Sabotage

(3 mins)

We all have patterns of self sabotage, either consciously or subconsciously that we repeat. Some of us can relate to physical behaviours such as overeating, smoking, drinking, shopping or electronics.  In other cases, it may be thought patterns or behaviours that we cant seem to shake off.  This practice rewires your brain to break free from those self sabotaging patterns that are holding you back. 

Beaming with Radiance (4 min)

This physical kriya works on boosting your magnetism, your radiant body, so opportunities and people are drawn to you in a way that serves your journey. If you are someone who is challenged with commitment and/or have fluctuating energy then this is your practice.

Eliminate Fear based Programming (4 min)

This powerful meditation will work on your fear based programming and help you move through your blocks.  On the other side of Fear, is your true calling and path - this meditation brings that into focus by overcoming the fear that is stopping you. 

Conquering Negative Thoughts (8 mins)

This meditation uses a powerful mantra that will shift your thoughts that are dark and unconscious to thoughts and vibrations that are uplifting and light.  The mantra clears away negative and confusing vibrations at a soul level, so that the pure truth of your own divinity and grace can shine forth.  Practice this meditation so you can master the negative mind and come back to feeling your infinite limitless self.

Wake Up To Power (10 min)

This is a powerful set that you can wake up to every morning and practice in your bed. This set uses Breath Of Fire, which is a powerful balancing breath for your Autonomic Nervous System. This set will activate your life force and you inner power center, which will in turn support you to move through the day and your commitments with clarity and ease.

You Are Worthy (11 min)

This practice will reconnect you with your worthiness so you can reclaim your enoughness.  The part of you does not feel you are worth it, that feels you can’t do it, the part of you that can't stand up for yourself. They are all linked to your navel centre and you doubting your worthiness.  This practice is an essential practice for all, as we all carry layers of not feeling worthy that are ready to be healed. 


It's time to start living from your heart because you want to stop:  

  • Moving through life feeling stagnated and disconnected
  • Going through the motion of each day without deeper meaning and fulfillment
  • Feeling like you're wasting time and not making a difference or contributing to the greater good

It's time to start living from your heart because you don't want to continue:  

  • Moving through life feeling stagnated and disconnected


  • Going through the motion of each day without deeper meaning and fulfillment


  • Feeling like you're wasting time and not making a difference or contributing to the greater good

Divine Timing and Guidance Brought You here.

Join and Experience:

Greater clarity and meaning while navigating this dimension feeling safe, grounded and elevated as you live from your heart

Express your gifts and talents in a way that make a difference and contribute to the greater good

Experience connection, joy, and support as you find your tribe and connect with a community of like minded seekers 


Here's what you receive:

On Demand Recorded Kundalini Yoga Library

Over 40 guided Kundalini Yoga recordings (growing every month) with 8 practices shorter than 5 minutes and 14 practices shorter than 10 minutes.  Available on the Web or via a Mobile app for both Android and iPhone.

Private WhatsApp Community

Access to a members only WhatsApp group. Connect, motivate, inspire, learn and grow with a like minded community. 

Weekly Reflection Prompts

Suggested journal prompts every week to help you go deeper and explore more of who you are and what you are here to do.

Spiritual Book Circle 

Connect via Zoom on the Second Thursday of Every Month where we use passages and excerpts from spiritual books to deepen our heart connection and experience our true being.

Live Online Classes

Gather every Tuesday for live group practices via Zoom.

There are also periodic live practices throughout the year based on significant astrological events. 

All practice recordings are available in the library.

Heart Centered Spiritual Guidance

We'll spend 45 minutes with you when you first sign up.  Afterwards, reach out in the WhatsApp group, send us an email or stay on for a live chat after one of our group practices.  It's our pleasure to support you in your spiritual evolution.


Your Heart Centered Guides

Ummulkiram Patrawala

Ummul helps women alchemize their traumas and life challenges through movement and meditation based practices such as Kundalini Yoga and a channeled, Mindfulness and Heartfulness Based Yin practice. 

Ummul is an intuitive healer, nurturer, mentor and alchemist who serves from her heart space, and creates create a safe and sacred container for Heartfelt Connections and Comm-Unity.   She infuses her own experience of going into the fire and emerging anew to help catalyze positive changes in the lives of those she serves, so they too can experience clarity, courage and calm. 

Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Certified Heartmath Mentor, MBCT Educator, Yin Yoga Practitioner, and Myofascial Release Practioner. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Marketing Specialization.

Mukarram Patrawala

Mukarram guides high-achieving early and mid-career professionals who are struggling with feeling "not good enough", restless and unsatisfied, and who lack clarity on what they are doing and why.  After working with him they have increased confidence, influence, clarity and calm. They are fuelled by their passion which drives fulfillment and ignites their curiosity.  He has worked with 100's of individuals from Senior Leaders to Individual contributors, across industries and job functions.

Mukarram loves exercising (Tabata), meditation and reading. He is a father to three lovely boys (15,13,5).  He enjoys taking walks in nature, gardening and playing board games as a family.

Certified Coach, Advanced Thetahealer, Advanced StarMagic Facilitator, Advanced Psych-K facilitator, #IamRemarkable Faciliator. He Holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering.


It's time to embody the limitless, Heart Centered version of your divine essence.


100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money-Back guarantee!

Monthly Membership

$35/month USD

Most Popular

  • On Demand Kundalini Yoga Library
  • Members only WhatsApp Group
  • Weekly Reflection Prompts
  • Monthly Spiritual Book Circle
  • Live Online Classes via Zoom
  • Heart Centered, Spiritual Guidance
  • 45 minute private 1:1 initial session

Yearly Membership

$349/year USD

Receive 2 months Free

  • On Demand Kundalini Yoga Library
  • Members Only WhatsApp Group
  • Weekly Reflection Prompts
  • Monthly Spiritual Book Club
  • Live Online Classes via Zoom
  • Heart Centered, Spiritual Guidance
  • 45 minute private 1:1 initial session

30-Day Guarantee!

If for any reason you are unhappy with this program, notify us within 30 days of purchase and you'll get a full refund! 


Prefer Canadian Pricing - $44/month CAD here or $444/year CAD here.

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Your Divine Self is Calling.

It's Time to Answer.

Experience the clarity and purpose of your limitless self by practicing Kundalini Yoga for less than 5 minutes per day - on your schedule! 

Backed by a 30-day Money Back guarantee.